Chris and I are both band directors in the area. We are both from Central Arkansas, and went to the U of A on a band scholarship, but weren’t at school at the same time. When I first graduated I taught three years elsewhere, but coming back home to Northwest Arkansas was my dream. When I moved back, I got back into the habit of playing the flute. I joined a community band called the Arkansas Winds. After a year, I noticed a new face in the back of the band. Chris had decided to join the Winds for our 2018 Christmas season. He had been asked to join for the past 15 years and he said for some reason he just felt like he needed to join that year. Little did I know he was falling for me from the back row! He said he would watch me play, and listen to my solos. One night as I left the stage in my new black dress, he found himself staring at me, and asking himself ‘who is that hot flute player?’ Pretty soon he added me on facebook, and messaged me, and since that first message it was a constant back and forth talking about everything. We had so much in common from the first conversation and it just never stopped. We both knew each other was the one pretty early – maybe even after the first week! 


He proposed the following September on the big overlook at the Lodge at Mount Magazine. Although we could have gotten married within a few months, we wanted to enjoy our engagement and that season of life. One of the first things we did was book a photographer and venue. We were so lucky to book Osage House because it was a brand new venue and becoming popular fast! We could have never predicted COVID-19 and all of the school and wedding shut downs that followed. We originally wanted a pretty small, fall wedding because this was both of our second marriages, but with coronavirus our 50 person wedding quickly turned to about 30. We both have had a hard time with relationships in the past. We have felt guilty and alone being band directors and divorced. It’s not uncommon in our profession. We are always gone to competitions, staying late for practices, and putting students’ needs before our own. In the end, we found each other and are able to appreciate each other. There is nothing we love more than each other, and music. He always says I’m his favorite person to play duets with. Now we never have to play music alone again. 


Our wedding was perfect. We were the first couple to use the new outdoor ceremony site, and it was so pretty and unique! One thing that was absolutely hilarious and so special is that all of the cows from the neighboring pasture started mooing just as the ceremony and vows started! Any other bride would be mad about cows drowning out their ceremony. I couldn’t have been happier because I love animals. My parents were commenting in the front row about how perfect that moment was for us and our love for animals. At the end of the night Jason brought us back outside for night pictures, and they didn’t disappoint! We had a massive, orange full moon rising just over the venue. It’s hard to think of one special or unique thing about our day because so many elements were out of this world. We couldn’t be happier with our day, and our forever.


~Charity and Chris Moore

  October 30, 2020